Domain News at Sedo domain auction – 3 hours to finish

You may know that was sold for $200,000 by Rick Schwartz a few months ago. Now is at Sedo domain auction (3 hours to finish) at a fraction of the price of Visit the auction here. Dirrect Sedo link is as follows. SHARETHIS.addEntry({... 

EVE Gamers Raise $45K Online for Japan

The EVE online space science fiction gamers have something to be proud of, moving almost $45,000 to the Red Cross effort in Japan. The donation was executed via a digital fund drive that raised enough virtual funds that its operators were able to convert “pilot licenses” in the game (PLEX)... 

Google Matt Cutts mentioned a few days ago about keywords domain

  I have watched Matt Cutts from Google talking about keyword domains today. He said there had be compaints about Google giving too much weight to keywords in domains and Google is looking into tweaking this in their algorithm so that a keyword domain might not have as much weight as before compared... acquired. 8,100 EXACT searches per month wih CPC $10 per click I am not sure how people in US use “breakdown cover“. In UK, most of the car owners have “breakdown cover” for peace of mind so that if any breakdown any where, we know that we could get breakdown team to come and rescue us. The domain, 

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Domain Sales

Do you need Fuel? Here is .

We all need fuel to drive our cars, to go on planes etc. “Fuel” would always be in increasing demand due to ever increasing population. We have for sale and you may bid your offer via the provided Sedo link. There are millions of search results for “fuel supply”... 

Domains for sale. Brokers also welcome.

You may want to look at the list of the domains for sale and you may make an offer via email ( admin (at) (relplace (at) with @). Domain brokers are also welcome and may contact me. I have added “estibot or valuate appraisal”. Appraisals are not asking prices and for asking... for sale

“Insurance” domains are getting hot and I received an offer of xxx,xxx for one of my domains but I declined the offer. We have another domain, for sale and it’s a solid “insurance” domain name. The domain is for sale at at the following link. If... 

Domain Sales : &

I like to offer the following domains at good prices. I can assure you that I haven’t contacted any end users for these domain. 247 and 365 domains are sold in x,xxx to xx,xxx range. The domains for sale are strong, and brandable domain names with keywords “computers” and “cars”... 

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Domain Auctions

Product keyword domain, DrainCleaningMachine,com at Sedo Auction

The domain, is current at Sedo auction (reserve met at xxx range). The domain is currently at Sedo domain marketplace auction and currently there are 2 bidders with just over 11 hours to go. The domain auction page is at the following link. Sedo domain auction The domain auction is for the domain, Regards SHARETHIS.addEntry({... [Read more of this review]

Website established in Feb, 2011. Current bid is over $60,000. Flippa Auction Scam? How is this possible?

It has been a tiring week at work because I have to cover one colleague who goes on holidays to Hawaii for 3 weeks. To get a relief from tension after work, I was checking at to see whether there were interesting auctions going on. I came across with an auction of a website (only a few days old) and current bid is $60,000. Buy now price is... [Read more of this review]

Women Com in GE/ NBC Legal Dispute

Sometimes big dollar domain sales go wrong. Witness the legal issues between NBC Universal, the seller of both and from NBC and iVillage to Ben Padnos. The ex parte motions read like civil matters gone amok, except that a huge amount of clicks are at stake. Benjamin Padnos of Done Ventures bought the names on Sedo. This happened... [Read more of this review]

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