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A huge domain sale has alerted domain portfolio managers in the know to an opportunity in the current domain market.

Sedo Sells for Over $380,000 in the Second Biggest Sale Reported So Far in 2009

The conomic downturn felt globally has mapped the domainmarket in turn. Even bullish market watchers have been selling down their domain portfolios in recent auctions.

But big ticket domain sales have been unique milestones going so far in 2009. hit one deep this week though as they handled a €302,500 ($381,150) sale of 

But sold for more in July of 2007 when it was purchased by Switzerland’s Virtual Network SA for $650,000. Is this an exemplar for all big concept dot com names?

The domain name has been monetized in different ways since the 2007 sale (including PPC) but it’s not likely that it earned enough over the past 19 months to offset a price drop of more than $268,000 in the latest sale.

SEDO continues to be the big online name outlet for offloading big domain names.

 Other sales include at $61,000 and #4 at $50,000. is a resale too but the latest sale represents a 33% jump over the $37,500 that was paid for the domain in a Moniker live auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in November 2006. 


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