For my domain sale market, which domain is better?

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We are in the process of developing a domain sale market (mainly our domains) and we have to decide on two domains. We have currently functioning  & . Which domain do you think if better to use.

I appreciate your comments.

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6 Responses to “For my domain sale market, which domain is better?”
  1. Richard says:

    I almost grabbed DNSuperMarket for myself, but I think it sounds like a name targeting domainers as we’re probably the few that recognize the acronym right off the bat. I just think Delicious Names is that much more memorable.

  2. Morgan says: for sure – I think it is much more memorable and meaningful than dnSupermarket. Your average web surfer does not think of domain names when they see DN so it’s really only good for targeting Domainers.

    Can you tell a bit more about your platform? Sounds exciting!

  3. Delicious and domain names sounds weird to me. Delicious chocolate cake or ice cream ok. DNSupermarket is fine though as others have mentioned non-domainers may be clueless as to what DN stands for. You might try posting a message at Namepros or DNForum and see what other name you could acquire. Many domainers seek these sort of domains so the issue will be what is your budget and what can you acquire within that budget.

  4. todaro says:

    i won a spelling bee in 4th grade but delicious is still hard to spell.
    and even when i spell it right i quite often mistype it ’cause they be too many letters.


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