Google China: What Went Wrong?

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Evidently the overarching deal terms to whatever agreement Google had with China didn’t stipulate clearly enough that Google’s brand and emechanisms would be falling under the red banner. Did China backwards engineer a Google fault or did they use proprietary technology to spark a lethal cyberattack against (American) competitors online?

     It would seem that some code originators in China are not nearly as scrupulous as the Chinese government would believe. Experts say Google has a case to proceed no matter what. Either (A) malicious hackers are so prevalent in China nobody can stop them, and hence Google can proceed unimpeded by censors, or (B) China’s Internet policy is hopelessly imperialistic given the elasticity and speed of the Internet andthe genie can’t be put back in the bottle for billions of Chinese Internet fans.

China’s unilateral policy towards Internet use is ungovernable and technically indefensible, as the last week’s hacking activity shows. If China wants to control the Internet and write dictatorial policy for the entire planet, such as altering Google engines would demand, they need to address more internal matters before presuming to articulate market forces.

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