ICANN Chief Speaketh…

A new era has dawned for Icann. The new age has started in the Internet domain space, echoing the new blood in the White House and elsewhere. What significant changes will domainers see? The opening remarks for the new agenda by the new internet czar has domainers talking…

“First, let me say that I am thrilled to be on board as ICANN’s CEO and President. The moment I joined this exciting organization I found it working on an incredible range of activities involving an array of constituencies.

Without doubt, ICANN is the most complex organization I have ever come across, necessarily, at least in part, because we must navigate through a sea of stakeholder groups, some of which have been formalized in our bylaws, and all of which have an interest in global Internet names, addressing and parameters.

To ensure each address is unique, ICANN must take on the difficult role of bringing about clarity among these same stakeholders. In the end, every single name must be unique and only one party can own it.

This is no small task, with nearly 200 million unique names registered and for many of these names there are many different parties who would like to own or control them. What I find impressive is that, despite the many competing pressures in this environment, ICANN has been able to fulfill its core functions in the 11 years since its inception, and has emerged as a strong, stakeholder driven group.

My vision as we move forward is to support a globally unified Internet on which addressing remains unique to ensure interoperability. In this Internet world, a merchant in Bali can effortlessly send an email to a businesswoman in Tokyo. Anyone anywhere will be able to interact with anyone else anywhere else in the world, so long as they both can access the Internet. ICANN is already taking steps toward enhancing this functionality.

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