Pool Skim for 7/10/2010 features Best- names

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Big bulk dropping tomorrow in the Pool.com deletions list. The bulk of names seems to be under the dot-com level, as Pool searchers will invariably find out. The best-hyphen names list is substantive dropping July 10th, 2010. The domain bestcarol.com is a good Christmas name for lookups, and bestcarfacts.com can make the traffic rev for the automobile crowd.

The series of “Best” starting names, in big volume,  at the dot com and info point drops too, such as bestbuyboat.info and bestairfareprice.info. Bestautorates.net is another example.  Bestbamboo.net is a good name for the green crowd. bestblogsdirectory.com and bestbmws.com also drop. The domain name of bestcitychefs.com has culinary and geo appeal.

The domains bestdamnnews.com and bestcrazy.com are other good best name examples.

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