Pool Skim for July 27th 2010

July 27, 2010 by  
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The name derby keeps hopping at Pool.com with some aggressive starters and ongoing listers getting lots of busy bids. Getagenius.com continues on a roller coaster auction ride, and inspectmyhome.net and the longish homebuildingservices.com ride the realty wave. The name invoicewizard.com will be a lucky app site for whomever bids longest, and topdrugs.net ride the pharmaceutical storm of traffic demand asking higher and higher bids.

Some curiosities in the Pool.com domain shop this day. Followauthor.com could be a fantastic self-contributing website community about literature. Likely traffic toppers like asiasearch.com and followcredit.com make some consecutive domain action pop. Ezinecatalog.com and underpressure.com are also on offer.

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