Pool Skim for June 6th 2010

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Skimming the Pool.com deletes list for pending drops finds some interesting domains caught in the “net”. The url os66.com drops, and a5cn.com, as do many natural- long domain names. Many big “short’ domains dropping today.

Aa6.info drops. A slew of two character Chinese character domains drop as well. The dropping domain caffaholic.com is a funny sounding word that could be a cool site in no time. Cagy.info is a dungeon master’s dream.

Lots of “opp”s in the Pool.com list today. Onlinepic.net gets our attention right away as photo gallery sites are hot. Oppsme.net could be something in the opportunity for business sector. Oprofile.com and Oprompter.com have catchy sounds. opsconsole.com has a serious tech side. Option-arm.net sounds like a mortgage site. Optincoop.com sounds good and so does opsaudio.com. Rightplus.com drops.

Oprahlists.com has a tight appeal but a copyright warning practically writtenĀ  cross the top. Daysopen.info could be intriguing. Overstockbuyer.com isĀ  winner. Asw8.com could be a weight site with shorty domain appeal. Ak7.info could be a great shorty type in. Otherfuel.net has green appeal. Coolswim.com and coolingblog.com have summer heat activation appeal.

Cooltrain.net picks up the hobby domain market and cooomics.com is an obvious typo of comics. Long cruise domain names on offer today as well. Eyeflix.us has a medical sound. Test4profit.com has tech and biz attractions built in. Testpapers.info has some interesting traffic possibilities. Xccy.net and many 5 character .com’s starting with x also feature in the list. Xzpa.com stars. Y7w.net drops.

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