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This section of the Guide assumes that you’ve familiarized yourself with what domain name is (if you’re just a beginner, you’ll want to read the “What is a Domain Name?” section.)

Did you purchase one or serveral domain names, and are now trying to resell your domain name? Are you wondering what you should do now?

Before you get down and dirty finding a buyer paying optimom price for your domain name, you’ll need to place some kind of priceon it (even if you are not going disclose the amount you are willing to sell the domain at, you will need to have a number in mind to stop at and walk away with a smile.

Is it frustrating trying to find a buyer for your witty domain name? You can use a company or an organization to find a buyer for you.

If you opt for a domain name broker (basically a site or service that finds a domain name buyer for you) you can even combine both types of sales strategy i.e. list your domain name for sale with the broker, and at the same time question/look for buyer by yourself!

Buying/selling domain names can be very lucrative. Stay tuned for our next blog: Buying Domain Names

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