Travel Domains May Spike on AA Flight from Expedia

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American Airlines may fly the friendly skies, but their e-commerce department is throwing the strangest PR campaign ever known to man. Evidently the ongoing feud between American Airline, a premier carrier of international routes that dominates many region of domestic travel within the United States, and Expedia, the flashy Internet era travel website,  have gone to war. Furthermore, Expedia rival travel website Orbitz also got the boot from American Airlines two weeks ago. Both splits involved contract negotiation failure for timely re-ups.

Where does that place club and bonus members with loyalty participation expectations? Consumers may get caught in the crossfire. In an era when airline representatives refer phone call-in traffic to the website to make programmed flight changes or purchases, consumers need access to usable online airline portals. The good news for domainers is that newbie travel or airfare domains might get a spike of search engine traffic from frustrated consumers looking for that American Airlines fare and schedule data.

Domain webmasters and programmers who can utilize host data from American and dispense their schedules and fares could enjoy a dramatic pike as consumers flail wildly online using Google and other search engines t mine flight information.  Travel pricing is also a main online search factor for travel departments and travel bureaus. Orbitz and Expedia losing this search traffic mean that its anybody’s to grab in the online travel site domain market.

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