Very much frustrated with Google indexing

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I developed a web hosting site a few days ago (about one week ago) , Hosting Promotion Website. Up to now, domain parking page is indexed and my new site main page has not been indexed. I have tried webmaster tools and submited both the site and sitemap. The web hosting blog under the site has been indexed.

There are about 14 Urls indexed in Google. Have a look here. Strangely indexes my site at the top for the exact keywords in just few days.

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5 Responses to “Very much frustrated with Google indexing”
  1. Marcus says:

    I can usually get my sites indexed within a couple of days using the webmaster tool. Maybe you could try social bookmarking or directory submission.

  2. MG says:

    Maybe you should this kind of service:

    And, of course, have links built in place (links from other sites to yours).

  3. Jay says:

    I dont know why it takes ages for some domains to index in google, however, I hand registered domain name -> about 48 hours ago, and it’s already indexed with pages I created yesterday.. I was kinda impressed there with google!

  4. Domain News says:

    I have put all the pings since I started the site and the blogs are indexed but not the homepage yet

  5. Domain News says:

    I have used webmaster tool since about 1 week ago and as I said, all the blog pages got indexed but not homepage.

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