WordPress.pro sold for over $12,000 at Snapnames

January 6, 2010 by  
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I could not believe when I saw the report that WordPress.pro sold at Snapnames for more than $12,000.

WordPress is trademarked and I could not imagine a domainer buying the .pro version domain of a trademark.

You may check the trademark of WordPress at


What a sale? Surprising!!

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3 Responses to “WordPress.pro sold for over $12,000 at Snapnames”
  1. Boris says:

    i thought this number was too low. Then I realized it was a TM. But can’t you make an organization of wordpress users?

  2. Domain News says:

    But there would always be risk of losing the domain/site to the TM holder. If you build the site, you might lose the site to the TM holder and you may end up losing money as well as wasting your energy and time.


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