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Time Magazine that once-august publication looked up to by so many has now branded Mark Zuckerberg, the entrepreneur behind Facebook, as the King of the Internet hill. Time usually picks people who settle peace treaties or get Nobel prizes. But this time around the global universality of Facebook could not be defriended. The Time Magazine Person of the Year cements Zuckerberg’s omnipresence with Martha Stewart level media saturation.

The movie bearing the name of the Facebook claim to fame (The Social Network) came out this year and made headlines with box office sales. With Zynga’s Facebook game Cityville scoring 45 million active users in its first week, the add-in and Facebook functionality value to any domain or website cannot be overestimated. The more mobile Facebook gets, the more mobile end users will get. Domain development should follow suit.

The Social Network : Is it a good movie, or do audiences like it because it chronicles an era and media phenomenon somewhat more accessible in daily life than the SALT II treaty?The movie crossover can’t help but be hyped by the clicks to billions that Zuckerberg helped make happen.

The Social Network has garnered extremely distinguished acting and producing honors from the film industry’s top awards nominations, and it could be the “Like” of the Oscar ceremonies as well. Six Golden Globe nominations and SAG nominations mean serous cred for a “movie about a website”. For a site that rebuilt the way people communicate and relate daily online, Zuckerberg isn’t doing too shabby.

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